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Matt’s advice is to concentrate on these things that start with S: sugar, startch, salt, sleep and saturated fat and also decrease liquids until you pee yellow only every 4 or so hours. I have only read the book for vegans and read all his newsletters and emails- did you get all of those? He started sending them out around the beginning of the year or so. I think his two main books are Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2.

You are supposed to sleep as much as you can – 9 hours isn’t too long. Don’t try to eat “healthy foods” (whole grains, high fiber cruciferous, etc..) unless you enjoy them they seem to agree with you. Listen to your body, pay attention to how warm you feel, particularly your hands and feet. Lay low on exercise if it seems to be stressing you out and leaving you drained of energy. Don’t be afraid of sugar, starch and saturated fats but if you want to minimize fat gain, eat a lower percentage fat calories and go high carb – though if you eat higher fat that’s ok too. The main dietary thing to avoid are PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats) because they can lower metabolism and cause inflamation THOUGH he says not to worry too much about it at first, particularly if you are coming off of a eating disorder so that you can learn not to be so restrictive and be more relaxed about eating.

Not sure how to address your hormone issues, but if you have a great metabolism then supposedly all your systems are going to function better.