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I think it’s good that you are now coming around to eating whole foods. And I agree that Matt seems to promote junk food in large quantities which just cannot possibly be good in my my mind. Some people rapidly gunk up their livers when they eat a high sugar diet because their body is somehow wired that way. I’m very cautious since nobody is coming around here and sharing their great weight loss story while eating lots.
Better safe than sorry. But I still eat well. One reg. entree size bowl full of oats with banana, dates, coconut milk, warrior protein powder and some maple syrup for breakfast, something like quinoa or rice with miso, coconut oil, steamed carrots, small handful of greens and a small dessert of cream cheese( no additives) on a few strawberries with maple syrup. And some fish or beef most days. Sometimes I’ll have some ice-cream and dates with macadamia nuts in the afternoon. This plan has stopped my weight gain which happened on lots of bread, some tart/cookies, lots of ice-cream, butter, jam, pancakes. Urgh, eating that felt yuck and the taste of it wasn’t really interesting anymore after a few weeks. I felt like a gross, lethargic, depressed sloth on that?Maybe I’m happy with my plan now because it’s close to how I ate growing up.
I’m so sorry you gained so much weight. You probably were too thin when you started, so you will probably not need to lose as much as you gained.
Walking is good until you lose a bit of weight and then you could do 20 min. of push ups and abs, squats everyday to keep it simple until you start feeling good again. Try and stay busy doing things and reading etc. as not to focus so much regrets or worries.