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My gawd?can’t believe another week has flown by?again my apologies.

(I guess I’ve got to add 180degreehealth to my ‘contacts’ in my email program, as I didn’t get either of your replies after my brief one.)

Starting from the last reply: I’ve read conflicting info re the betaine in betaine HCL being the same as tri-methyl-glycine — some say yes, others say no. But I have wondered about that’so I appreciate your bringing up the point again.

I can’t tolerate much vinegar lately, but have been using some potassium chloride (as I’m definitely not getting enough potassium in my diet). I know this is the ‘eat everything’ site, and Matt has described potassium as the ‘anti-salt’, but the RDA is pretty high’so I wonder if I’m getting enough. I’d be curious if you’ve added up your potassium intake?

Anyway, the chloride in that seems to help somewhat with increasing acid levels, so I’ve tried to cut back on the betaine HCL. Then I’m hoping the niacin will also help increase stomach acid?but as mentioned above, it could be due to other things like thiamine, zinc, etc., etc.. :)

Here’s the link to the story about alligators (not sharks, sorry) and how blue-green algae took over, and how thiamine saved their lives:

And yes, there are so many anti-thiamine factors, or ‘thiaminase’ compounds, many of them common, that inactivate thiamine. Sulfites, phenols, acetylaldehyde, many herbs, spices, arsenic, etc.. I’ve been taking some benfotiamine, but also have found a sublingual ‘active’ form of thiamine that seems to make a difference (made by Source Naturals).

I’m sorry to hear of your various health issues. Regarding mold, did you go to the point of discarding your belongings, and starting from scratch? I’m not recommending that, but some have said one needs to do that to ‘get clear’ and detox, but it seems to me that that just makes them a lot more sensitive to future exposures.

I better shut up for now, but thanks again so much for your input and for your patience as well.