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I watched this study on weight on BBC and they went into why people gain a lot of weight. If it’s eating too much, exercising too little or low metabolic rate… Many of the study participants thought they eat just as much as their skinny friends but get fat. Turned out that once monitored, they actually ate 50% more than the thin guys, didn’t have a low thyroid or low metabolism like they imagined. I also know people that eat everything and are thin. But they are either those energizer bunny types that have nervous energy and probably burn the calories like crazy or they eat small portions.
Another observation of mine, is, that stress, tensions and depression leads to eating for comfort and if that person is insecure they might every so often go on a really extreme diet and lose weight. But they haven’t worked on their inner life and end up eating lots again after restricting. I also think that stressed people are cold a lot because tensions constrict blood vessels. I do think that extreme diets cause even more stress because the body gets the message that you don’t eat when hungry and therefor does it’s hormonal thing and gets you to pig out later and store safety fat for the next starvation. But I don’t know if it’s ever a good idea to eat more than hungry for. Or even force oneself to exercise a lot. I live in southern california and people are obsessed with eating healthy and staying active. But guess what, there are lots of gorgeous slim people here, too. So maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t know. But supposedly people who hang around active slim people are more likely to be like that, too.
I might be wrong and eating lots can eventually lead to a healthy slim body. But I don’t really see proof on this forum. Most of those who lost the weight again went back to eating moderately, say they are sorry they took rereading so far and gained a lot, even counting calories to lose it. It seems that some of the testimonials do claim, that they ate a lot and lost weight. And soon after starting, too. I don’t know what’s going on there. Maybe they are very young. I don’t know. And I don’t see any such person here, which might mean that they ended up gaining and might not even be on the plan anymore.
I’d be happy to see those who ate a ton and lost the weight. And I don’t buy that anyone is genetically meant to be chunky. Healthy, to me, means filled out (not bones sticking out) without a bunch of jiggle or rolls. And looking solid but good naked.