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@Blossom — i have at times serious sleep disturbances, and it’s pretty clear to me that that stresses me, and that a lot of my issues are connected to it. restrictive dieting was also a stressor, and without it i am doing much better (no quickie weight loss either, but eh, i’m just not built for speed). not stressing about weight matters as well. i know this is always easier said than done, and i used to be too impatient, but there’s been no other way; no pill, no diet, no fad anything that has helped in the long term..

improving sleep is where i’d be looking to focus in your place — difficult to do with a new baby, yeah, but definitely try that. also, 2 months is not very long. fixing your metabolism is not a short-term proposition. we’re not just talking weeks here; this is a program for the patient. i’ve been slowly improving all-around for the last 3 years. no quick fix, alas.