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Sorry to hear that. My 7 year old son has been constipated all his life. He has a genetic condition (Costello syndrome) and constipation is pretty typical of the condition, because one of its features is low muscle tone (hypotonia). Doctors prescribe Miralax. After consulting a naturopath, we have been able to manage his constipation by avoiding dairy (after an elimination diet) and supplementing with l-carnitine (for hypotonia) and magnesium (for general constipation).

My ideas for you would be:
1) try eliminating dairy for a while. Obviously don’t starve yourself and keep plenty of other quick snacks on hand. I’m BF’in too, and I like to have dates, cookies, coconut butter and bananas, etc, as easy-grab snacks.

2) ask your practitioner to help you find a suitable supplement. Mag works for us, high-dose vitamin C (like Hydro-c) might work for you (it did not help my son). Ask him/her to for help in dosing and monitoring the effects.

Good luck!