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@The Real Amy- I haven’t taken any psychiatric meds for about 1 and a half years. I am considering trying depression meds though if I still feel fatigued after I return to a more normal weight for my height and body type. Do you think a chemical imbalance could be the cause of my fatigue and bad sleep like the doctors and psychiatrists have told me?

@David- Actually Matt held a gun to my head and force fed me. LOL. Seriously though, my bad if I came across as whiny. I’m not trying to blame anyon for my weight gain. I just felt like expressing my opinion of Matt’s writings on here.

I think it’s badass that you have managed to lose weight eating refined foods. I wonder what your opinion on fiber is? Is it of any significance? Do you notice any difference when eating more fiber?

@Piranha- I’ve come to believe after reading health books and websites for a couple years that everyone is different. Thse people who can eat all junk food in unlimited quantities and stay fit have it hella easy though. The convenience must be freaking sweet.

@Christinam- What you said about people with eating disorders feeling relief from eating made me wonder if I had been using refeeding as a distraction from some issues I haven’t been dealing with. Maybe I unconsciously decided to focus my obsessive thoughts away from restrictive eating and onto refeeding.

@Leighton- I can relate. I kept eating because I also believed in increase in temp would solce all of my problems. Never could get mine up either. How much weight did you gain?