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The Real Amy

Mmmfood, there is actually no scientific evidence that any mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance, and plenty of evidence to refute that idea. The only chemical imbalance is the one that meds themselves create. I’m serious about this – FDA just allows that sort of messaging as a marketing tool. You can check on on research online, and will see it’s true. So, no I don’t think your issues are a “chemical imbalance.” They may be hormonal issues or other issues due to overfeeding or withdrawl issues from former meds, however. (Being overweight is certainly tiring for the body)

That said, I would never tell anyone to pursue meds or not, and certainly some people do seem to find them helpful. Personal decision, but definitely do research before you do anything and don’t just rely on what a doctor says. Do your own online research and look at all negatives and positives.

I will be upfront that I am of the belief that happiness does not come in a pill bottle, but as a result of our environment, lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels and base emotional health. A pill may provide temporary relief and only you are the judge of whether that is worth it, but it will come with side effects, and it won’t fix the root cause so you will go back to baseline after, and there will be withdrawal to contend with.

I deal with insomnia and fatigue as well, so I hear you on the issues that can pop up. I’ve been dealing with longstanding emotional issues and have made a lot of headway that way, and for me faith is also extremely helpful, but I think we all find our own paths in life, so I would say follow your heart and your own best judgement.