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Hi mmmfood,

I’m on my phone, so bear with me. The first 4-8 weeks, in Miami, I actually don’t know how much weight I gained. It was definitely something, but when I got back home all of my clothes still fit (maybe with the exception of one pair of jeans that were probably tight before I even left). That was not the problem, it was actually a good thing.

The problematic weight gain occurred after that time frame. I think I topped out at a gain of 30-35 pounds. It took a while to accumulate, it certainly didn’t come on over night. For years, coupled with no/minimal exercise, eating 5000-6000 calories daily (occasionally when I needed a break, I only ate 3000 daily), I never saw a weight higher than the additional 30-35 pounds.

I don’t want to share this through rose colored glasses because I went through several years where I thought I wanted to die. I felt horrible beyond what I can probably articulate. But…there’s a but…things really are getting better. I’m still not where I was before I fell down this rabbit hole (my body/health are almost back, but this messed with my head a little bit), but I am damn close and I will get there.