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I think the connection is more about the spikes in adrenaline and cortisol that are causing the “hypoglycemia”, which is really the idiopathic postprandial syndrome Matt talks about. For me, having high cortisol levels lately, and on my third attempt to follow Matt’s advice with very different results this time around, and higher anxiety levels in general, I just don’t think it’s the food’s fault. I’ve done the high carbs before (both of the last two summers) and not had the anxiety, but this time around, I’ve struggled to find anything that didn’t make me crash hard and feel very anxious and panicky. But I’ve pushed through despite the initial reactions and am starting to see steady improvements. I still can’t tell whether I do better with sugar or starch because it’s too stressful for me to consider restricting one or the other at this point, but I do think that even if sugar makes me crash harder, eating it in order to just eat something that shuts down my adrenal response is better than eating nothing because I don’t have a good starch cooked and ready to eat.