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Hi, David! Thank you so much for the thoughtful post. It’s amazing how different it seems to be from what Matt Stone recommends. I don’t mind that at all. Before I started this, I was eating a diet slightly tilted toward saturated fats, and I was lifting weights 3 days a week. Both of those things are supposed to be good for testosterone, and sure enough, my levels came up slightly, perhaps a result of increased metabolism. And I felt better, too. So I’m in your camp regarding exercise, but when I found Matt Stone’s work, it got me thinking that I can gain more by focusing on metabolism and temperature.

I have to ask, though, is there a Matt Stone book you agree more with? I assume that, as a moderator on the site, you must not be completely at odds with Stone’s theories. Are there any aspects that you really support?

Thanks again for your post. I’m unconvinced about the refeeding thing, so it’s good to get all sides. Hopefully, someone will post a pro-180 viewpoint as well.