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Hi NewAtThis, just wanted to respond to your question about indigestion. I am someone whose digestion improved by eating more calories. (I didn’t have acid reflux though, just bloating/abdominal distention mainly) When I first increased calories, I would feel this horribly uncomfortable too-full pressure in my stomach – and that was just from eating normal-sized meals that I used to be able to down no problem. I no longer have that uncomfortable feeling while eating the same amount, or more. I still get a bit of bloating, but I believe that is due to the estrogen dominance that I’m trying to deal with.

Also you mention you used to eat 1500 calories. To me, that jumps out as being too little…I had symptoms of not eating enough and a slowed metabolism at 1800-2000 calories, and I’m a 22-year-old female who was doing no exercise. But I also had a much lower BMI and couldn’t afford to lose any of the weight I lost while eating 1800. So yeah. Everyone’s different, just wanted to share my experience!