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@NewAtThis- I’ve been following 180 for several years, and I’ve experimented with a lot of Matt’s ideas. For me, what sets 180 apart from most health websites is that it challenges the notion that certain foods are evil. Our health does not depend on whether we are sufficiently obsessive about what we eat. Pizza is fine. White bread is fine. Sugar is fine. Etc. Many people who come to 180 have experience with WAPF, paleo, low carb, veganism, and other extreme diets, and they need to hear someone give them permission to relax a little.

I also think that temporary overfeeding can be good at certain times. @Dania’s experience above is a good example. It sounds like she was underweight and needed to put some pounds on. It’s also a good idea to occasionally feast even for people who aren’t underweight. I think it’s important psychologically, and it can keep you from burning out if you’ve been working out and cutting calories for a while. I just don’t think the overfeeding should continue indefinitely, because you’re almost certain to end up with a weight problem.

Your plan doesn’t sound unreasonable. Continuing with the exercise is important, and it’s good to feel freedom with your eating. I personally couldn’t care less about SFAs versus PUFAs, but my diet isn’t that high in fat anyway (because I find carbs are generally better for exercise). The main thing I’d be careful about, which you don’t mention, is to eat enough protein to recover from your workouts. You don’t need bodybuilder levels, but more than the official recommendations. I usually get around 120 grams a day (or so), and I weigh 170 pounds. In fact, when I construct a meal plan, I mainly consider whether I’ll get enough protein for recovery, enough carbs to sustain exercise, and still have a small calorie deficit for burning fat. Besides that, I just eat what I like.