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Dania, thank you for your response! Yes, I actually did go through a phase where I wasn’t eating as much as I had. It was a time of high anxiety and panic attacks, and my stomach was upset most of the time, and I was also told by my holistic doctor to avoid dairy and wheat, so all of the sudden I didn’t feel like eating, and I was afraid to eat certain things. At some point, my wife read on the internet that excess acid can be caused by not eating much, so I ate a big meal, and the acid problem went away! Since then, I’ve been eating my standard size meals without too much indigestion. But, yeah, when I started stuffing myself on 180, my stomach hurt all the time, but today, I ate normally, and my stomach is fine.

As for the 1,500 calories, maybe that’s a sign that my metabolism really is low. We’ll see. If my metabolism speeds up, maybe it will take more to satisfy me.

Thanks again for your insights. I really appreciate it!