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Thanks, David.

I’ve actually been reading “Diet Recovery” the past couple days (offered free a few days ago). I’ve only read the first few sections about metabolism (how it works, how different macronutrients come into play), but I can see that in comparison with “Diet Recovery 2”, “Diet Recovery” seems to be worded in a more scientific way, explaining how things work and why, and the advice thus far seems more structured. For instance, in the section about starches, it says something like “these starches result in higher metabolism: potatoes, beans, etc” whereas in “Diet Recover 2”, it seems more like “starches result in higher metabolism, but just eat a ton of whatever you want, and you should be fine.” Not that either way is better, but I’m more comfortable with the food list, as long as I don’t get too dogmatic about it. I still will enjoy a cookie or fast food fairly frequently.

As for PUFAs, I like Stone’s advice in DR2, which is to just cook at home with saturated fats, and then don’t worry about it otherwise. I’ll try that.

And I hope to get started back on my exercise this week. I think I’ll be better off for it.

David, thanks again for your help!