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I was no carb/sugar from Sept-Oct having been told I was leptin resistant. I lost 12 lbs and stopped due to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries etc…Stayed even with my weight. In January I did the Joel Furhman 2 lbs of veg and 5 fruits etc. thing for 2 weeks and was constipated and freezing, body temp was usually 96.5. Previous to all of that I was an at home vegan. That started 5 years ago and I did the 2 lbs of veg to get started and lost 20 lbs. After 6 mo that wasn’t do-able as I really just couldn’t eat enough to stay full so I just did regular vegan. When I was pregnant (my son is almost 3) I fed my cravings, only gained 31 lbs and have not been able to lose 21 lbs of baby weight. My son is now weaning himself and I know that might be what’s making things rough for me. This past summer I was the green smoothie queen (no protein, just fruit and veg) and gained 12 lbs. The only time I didn’t gain weight was when we were in TX and AR eating bbq everyday. Hmmm…So I started Eat for Heat in mid January and gained 12 lbs but then this last week I gained another 5. Can’t figure that part out. Thank you for any help that you can offer. I know all of my previous restrictions are what led to this!