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Thanks for the comment regarding breastfeeding. I am ecologically breastfeeding my four month old son, and I am worried about reducing my fluid intake, though my only issues with supply have been oversupply. I am thirsty, and I don’t like drinking whole milk because of the yucky feeling it leaves in my mouth. I have never liked juice in my life and don’t like the carbonation of soda so for that reason and others I never drink it. I really prefer water. I have added sole to it sometimes, but don’t know how much I should add to avoid overdoing it and making myself thirstier. Must I really avoid water at the start?

I am just starting this week. How long does it take to notice significant changes in temperature and urine color? For the most part I am peeing less frequently, but it is still very light to clear. I rarely notice cold hands and feet, but maybe I have just grown accustomed to it and need to start paying attention. I wear my baby and cosleep so sometimes it feels like I have a little heater on me all the time and I am the one in the household who gets too hot.

This is such a foreign idea I have a hard time implementing it, though it sounds so simple! I would be much more comfortable experimenting if I wasn’t breastfeeding, but I will probably be doing so for years to come!

I would appreciate input from anyone, thanks!