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@David I agree with the avoidance even when it indeed seems unfair. Back in my Lyme-days other fellow Lymies were constantly urging me that I should rest,take naps etc.but I never felt like it and I think if I would’ve given in to it I would’ve probably completely fallen apart and dwell in the fatigue.
But yeah,it’s hard for me to find a balance in resting&when to push through fatigue…..well actually finding&keeping balance in general in life.

On a sidenote,I know you mentioned you run. I’ve signed myself up for The Urbanathlon in June organized by Men’s Health.(Yes,I like reading that magazine as a woman;))
Even though I’m entering in the short circuit of 5-6km…..I’ve never ran/jogged in my life and now need to start with training to be able to run at least that amount of kilometers. (And then there’s the obstacles)
The reason I want to participate is for one that I need some kind of goal to focus on in my life and second because I always felt fatigued,sluggish and not like running or any exercise in the past…and I’m also a bit clumsy at times. So,I want to prove to myself that I can do this….and hopefully it’ll be the start of many mudruns/obstacle courses to come,in other words a new hobby.
Do you have any advice for a noob about how to start,nutrition,practical tips etc.