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The Real Amy

Greyhound gal, there is lots of info online about ways to lower your cholesterol without statins. Some of it is very shortterm (like I wouldn’t recommend increasing PUFAs), but things like stress reduction, moderate exercise, eating plenty of soluable fiber (oats, beans, etc.) and fruits and veggies, and an all-around healthy and balanced diet can certainly help if he hasn’t tried that already. Also certain herbs can help. Cholesterol is a body’s natural antioxidant, so it usually rises in response to stress and free radicals – addressing the stressors in other ways can lower cholesterol. Doctors also sometimes put people on statins for cholesterol that isn’t all that high (like around 200 for example), and there is a lot of debate about whether that is necessary or even helpful. So, I would do some research, and have your husband follow his own preferences and not just blindly follow doctor’s orders. People have serious side effects on statins to be sure. If he does decide to take them, make sure he takes ubiquinol (a form of COQ10), and is on the look out for any issues with muscle pain and cognitive or memory decline.