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@David The Urbanathlon is June 15th. Yes,I indeed was thinking about starting with intervals between running&walking and then trying to increase running time and decrease walking intervals.
I think Couch 2 5k recommends running 3 times a week….than on 3 non-running days I could do weigthlifting,maybe something like I Wendler 5/3/1 with some additional exercises? and then one day doing nothing….

What I dont get though is that in the running magazine I’ve bought they talk about nutrition,high carb with adequate protein from fish,eggs,chicken,lowfat dairy but for fatsources they recommend nutbutters,eggs,olive oil… mentioning of coconut oil or butter.
Then from a Peatarian p.o.v. PUFAS should inhibit proper glucose/sugar metabolism?
(On a sidenote a while ago at Peatarian I read a topic about SFA causing endotoxemia. Just when you think you start to get a grasp of things,you get ‘surprises’ like this!)