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Cyclic Ketogenic Update

1. If I have 2 or more no carb days in a row, I get the negative symptoms I had during my ketogenic diet (mainly feeling stressed, strung out, and having insomnia).
2. If I have 1 day with no carbs at all I feel great with no negative symptoms as long as I had a nice carb load the day before.
3. If I have nice carb load every other day I have enough energy to go to the gym or walk around the city and enjoy it.
4. If I don’t have carbs at least every other day I get lethargic and feel like shit.
5. My body composition is improving but the weight around my waist is coming off very slowly. The rest of my body looks good except for the male pregnant look.
6. 2 Days in a row without carbs gives me insomnia which sucks.
7. Ketostix show significant leakage of ketones in my urine by the evening of a low carb day following a carb binge the night before. I don’t know what the significance of this is if there is any.
8. If I eat over a certain amount of protein my urine has a strong smell the next morning. For now I’m capping my protein intake at 1/2 pound of beef plus a couple of eggs per day. I’m not sure what I’m going to do long term. It depends on how I feel and where my dietary experiments lead me.

My strategy has evolved to the following
1. Big carb evening at least every other day. I’ll start eating carbs (Oatmeal, pasta, pancakes) at around 5 PM and eat as much as my body desires. Once I am satisfied then I stop. If I get hungry before bed I’ll make a batch of pancakes.
2. Sometimes I’ll eat low fat chicken breast with my carbs and sometimes I won’t. I have not figured out which is better yet.
3. Up until noon I subsist of fat (ghee/mct oil) if I eat anything at all.
4. For lunch I eat a half pound of meat plus a couple of eggs. The meat is usually ground beef, bacon, liverwurst, or oxtail. I sometimes have bone broth or great lakes gelatin with the meal.
5. On high carb days (around 4 per week) I don’t set any limits on the amount of food I eat once the carb window begins.
6. On low carb days I just have my one protein meal and I drink fat to appetite (mct oil/ghee) in coffee or ginger tea.

Important Note
I’m usually not hungry following my present eating patterns. I’m never hungry on my high carb nights because I’m stuffing myself with carbs. I’m usually not hungry on my low carb days but if I am I’ll scramble a few extra eggs in the evening.

I’m planning on sticking to this pattern for a couple of months before I decide to tweak it or scrap it for something else.

I have a pet theory that Matt Stone’s ideas are right in principle. I believe where he got it wrong is mixing fat with carbs too much. I think if people did his diet recovery stuff with mostly carbs and ate their meat/fat at different times of the day than their carbs they would rehabilitate their metabolism without putting on lots of weight. Once I get rid of my belly fat I’m planning on putting this pet theory to the test.