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@David Yes,that’s true about all the conflicting dietary dogma. I do (want to) focus on training only but the problem’s that I still have no clue what foods are beneficial and detrimental to me. I can have a certain something and the day after it boosted my workout and at other times it totally drains me. I seem to suspect a pattern in it and reading an article about Hashimoto’s and symptoms I strongly suspect I’ve been dealing with Hashi’s for a long time even though it never showed up in tests…..but I don’t think tests are all that trustworthy.
Protein is still a vague territory for me as in how much and I think even the proteinsource migth make a difference. I know about ways to calculate it,however this would require to step on the scale to see what I weigh which is something I don’t really feel like.2

I’ve given up on the dreamwish that I’d ever get an athletic-looking body with all the on&off bloating,weird fluid balance and varying muscle defenition,so that’s why I’d decided to focus on workout-successes because by now I have the impression I’ll never be able to fix&keep things like good gutbalance/digestion,no bloating etc.while not doing some kind of regiment,cutting out food(groups) etc.