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I’m obviously not Dania, and I’m interested in hearing Dania’s answers to these questions as well. But in regard to the comment about most herbs being estrogenic, I don’t believe that is true at all. I’m an amateur herbalist, and I’ve done a fair amount of research into the hormonal effects of herbs. While there are very definitely some herbs that can increase estrogen, there are also herbs that can reduce estrogen, and I believe that the majority are mostly neutral in that regard. Also, the research and reports on these things are really all over the place, so it’s often very difficult to figure out what is what. But in regard to liver-supporting herbs it seems that there is some good evidence that the net effect is a reduction in estrogen so long as they are improving liver function. For example, milk thistle seed is (sometimes) said to contain estrogens, but I know of at least one study that determined that the net effect in humans was a reduction in estrogen levels. Remember that the liver is where estrogen is metabolized, so if liver function is impaired then estrogen metabolism will be compromised.