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Day 6

Took one pill around 1pm. I wanted the effect to last until a bit later in the day. Wasn’t expecting to feel anything but actually I felt some effects which came as a surprise. Strange. I got some emotional “feeling” back. It was pleasant.

But then again, today was a nice day after a few rainy gloomy days and it makes me wonder if it was the weather or the drug that made me feel better. I tried to think if I always felt like this when the weather turns warm or if it was an effect of the drug. That’s one of the strange aspects of antidepressants. They kind of take away your frame of reference and you forget how you used to feel before the drug which is a problem because you can’t compare your previous state with your current state. I remember being on SSRIs and wondering whether I was always this out to lunch. I guess Tianeptine has that property, too. The thing is they’re very subtle drugs in both their positive and negative effects. Contrast that to more “serious” drugs like amphetamines where you can definitely tell the difference. It’s like a swift mental kick in the ass. Antidepressants are very subtle.