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The Real Amy

It’s definitely not fat. Edema can take a long time to clear up – basically until all the healing is done, and that’s longer than 6 months. Same thing with getting cold between meals – your body needs to get to a place where it can trust that you’re not starving. That’s great that you eat a lot and no longer restrict. From your earlier post it sounded like you are still restricting. If you’re not including two snacks each day, I would recommend adding them in for awhile. It really helps.

I’m now 8 years out from my ED and my body comp is healthy and I don’t ever get a puffy face, but at the beginning I got very puffy and fat would go to my stomach very quickly. When I look back at photos, I can see my very puffy face. It’s just what happens when you are recovering, but it is only temporary. If you continue to eat normally (no restriction), it really will get easier and better. And although it feels horrible, you notice it all much more than the people around you do.

The hunger signals take awhile, too, but eating 3 meals a day (and the 2 snacks) will really help with this. No matter what you ate the day before, eat the 3 meals on a regular schedule every single day, and just start paying attention to your hunger signals (even if you can’t hear them yet). It takes time to balance out, and until you get over the starvation you will overeat. I used to get into an argument with my nutritionist because I would say “I restrict because I binge” and she would say, “no you binge because you restricted”. She was right. Once I stopped restricting and ate 3 proper meals each day and my body felt safe, I stopped binging.