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Hi Leighton,

That’s interesting about how you feel when your urine pH is in a “good” range. My naturopath tested mine on two seperate occasions – first was quite acidic, apparently. The second, a couple of weeks later, with no change in diet (only the addition of a calc supplement, and a probiotic), was much better. Both samples taken same time of day, etc. So I don’t really know what to make of that, apart from that maybe the probiotics had cleaned up my gut a bit. I am resistant, too, I think, to the whole idea, because I naturally feel drawn to a WAPF style diet, and so much of that stuff is out on the alkalising diet! Intuitively it doesn’t make sense, to me. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and try it, I don’t know. Do you have any ideas on how to tie it in with Matt Stone’s metabolism stuff?

You are right, Dr Brown’s website does cover more than the acid/alkaline balance. But that topic always raises a red flag for me, so to speak. I’m sure she has plenty of good stuff to say that I would trust. I just wish her phone consults weren’t so expensive – my health is already costing us a packet :/ Not good for the stress levels! I’d love to know the root cause of my bone loss, as it’s been a mystery for some time. I think there’s adrenal issues involved, probably stemming from having taken The Pill for 3 years, and I am trying to get that sorted, but it’s so hard to know if that is actually the issue. Here in Australia, I can get one free DEXA scan per year to check my bone density, but as you say, it only gives us so much information. Plus it’s a long time to have to wait to see if something is working in terms of rebuilding my bones. I could fork out money (that we don’t have => debt) to a naturopath for a whole year, only to discover that it hasn’t made any difference at all, you know?

Anyway…sorry for the whinge!