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At the moment, working on my adrenals seems to make the most sense to me. Might get some pH test strips at some point, though, just out of interest.

I’ve been working at this for a few years now – it’s been 5.5 years since discovering the osteoporosis. I have seen significant improvement during that time – for example, my spine has gone from a t-score of -5.1, to -2.5 in that time, without drugs, and with no new fractures (since the 4 original ones). But now that it seems to have plateaued, is where I’m really concerned about working out how to kick it along. In 2012 I had a huge leap in improvement…and then virtually no movement at all in 2013. Big shock & disappointment, there, as I had been working really hard in 2013 to do everything that I knew, to keep the improvement happening.

I’ll have a look into those tests & see what they say. No private health insurance here (can’t afford it), just the govt health scheme (much better than what you have in the US, from what I hear – lots of free & subsidised health care, though not a perfect system either). It depends which hospital you go to, in which state, though. When we lived in another state, they would just do as many as they wanted and somehow got around the govt rules (for DEXA’s, that is), but in the state we live in now, they are a lot more finicky about sticking to the rules, so one a year it is, unless I want to pay for extra ones (money issues, again).

My Vit D is good. I take fermented cod liver oil & butter oil daily, and spend a good amount of time in the garden etc. I haven’t tested low for Vit D in years. My calcium intake is also pretty high – raw cow milk (often fermented also), lots of bone broth, leafy greens, etc – plus the calcium supplement from the naturopath.

Dietary overhaul sounds like a nightmare, to be honest. I already cook/prepare 3 meals a day most days; having to prepare different meals for myself on top of that would just be awful. Right now, I’m flat out coping with my suddenly crazy metabolism that has me eating just about everything in sight ;) I’m hoping that whatever is going on with my metabolism is going to result in some healing *somewhere* in my body. I don’t really have much choice but to go with it…or starve, I suppose. I’ll take the first option!