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My goodness, those are some substantial improvements! Very cool.

These are probably some silly questions, that I’m sure you’ve thought about; this is just in case.

Did anything change from 2012 to 2013, where you didn’t see improvement? Maybe this year you will see another jump up!

You said you take a calcium supplement, what about magnesium? (This is obviously specific to the needs of the individual.) Also, what about Vitamin K2? Is your diet wonderfully high in Vitamin C?

Bone broth is probably one of the most awesome things you can do for your bones. As I’m sure you know, eating more is generally a great thing for your bones as it can create an anabolic (building) state. Is your temperature good?

Do you sleep OK? Bones do a lot of their building when we sleep. If your sleep sucks, I would do anything and everything possible to improve it (I acknowledge that doesn’t always work). I would also suggest to try and manage stress, but I understand life doesn’t always permit that.

Are you on any medications? The list of drugs that can harm bone is long.

What about exercise, specifically weight bearing. For safely increasing bone density in the spine, I think the best bet are extension exercises. You can even do these at home without ANY equipment. To increase the density of the femoral neck, or the femur, doing exercises that either pull on the muscles that attach to the bones, or exercises where the force goes straight up through your heel. Examples: high impact jump work (please get an OK from your doctor before doing this, as not everyone is a good candidate), or training on a high energy, lineal, whole body vibration platform. Obviously, not free, but depending on where you happen to live, it can be affordable. (If you’re interested, and close to one of his studios, Lloyd Shaw has studios called Vibra-Train. He is good people, and also happens to make the best machines in the world.)

You don’t have to answer back, I just wanted to throw this out there, just in case any of this would be helpful!