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Nah, questions are good! You never know when someone’s “silly” question might spark something you haven’t thought about before.

2013 was the year we did GAPS. Prior to that, we were eating as clean as we could, in preparation for launching into GAPS. With the heavy focus on bone broth, and generally good nutritious food, I thought 2013 would see even more improvement than 2012. GAPS was brilliant for my husband, really made a difference for him. Not so much for me :/

My calc supplement has mag in it, and I use mag oil transdermally when I remember. Must try to get into the habit of using it more often again. There’s Vit K in the butter oil, and I also take Skate Liver Oil which is supposed to have K as well. Pretty sure it’s K2 in both, naturally occuring.

I could probably up the Vit C in my diet a bit more, though I eat lots of yummy veg & also berries.

My sleep is crap. I’ve had insomnia for over 9 years now. That’s one of the adrenal connections that I’m looking at. I’ve tried almost every remedy under the sun for it, or at least it feels like I have – I’m sure there are more I haven’t discovered yet. I’m a bit resistant to Matt’s sugar & salt mix, mostly because I’ve barely touched sugar cane products for the past couple of years & it feels weird to contemplate using it again. Stress is through the roof – mostly about money (that old story) and also about my health, which is complicated by the money issue. Ugh.

The exercise thing could use more work, certainly. I’ll look into those suggestions, though. Thank you.

Thanks for all your responses so far. A fresh perspective from a stranger is useful, and helps me to think through stuff when normally it feels as though I’m just going round in circles. I appreciate it.