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Hey Cookin-
I worked with them and also took their Metabolic Blueprint course. Whether I would recommend working with them would depend on where you’re at with the metabolic work, how you’re trying to get better, etc. The price was definitely steep. Working with them could provide some guidance if you’re totally lost on how to start tracking your biofeedback. I can’t honestly say that I improved as much as I would have liked, but the process probably gave me some useful tools to work with.
I’d rather not go into too many details in the forum- if you’re comfortable providing your email address, I’d be happy to contact you with more details.

You asked in another forum about buying the cookbook. The cookbook is just recipes- it won’t give you the other info you are looking for.

Also, if it’s helpful, I can give you some general guidelines about when/what to eat, how to start tracking temp and pulse, etc.