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Thank you MandyBee! The thing is, I never even thought I had a problem. I just randomly started reading Diet Recovery cause I got it for free. I honestly think this book probably saved my life! I am just blown away right now that “I” have a damaged metabolism. I was anorexic back in 2006 and since dieted (mostly starved) off and on but then about 2 years ago I really got into lifting weights and now I EAT! I mean really eat so I never thought it was possible for me to have a problem. I was diagnosed with Raynuad’s syndrome after my bout with anorexia, which now makes sense that it’s not raynyad’s its actually a symptom of a damaged metabolism. I currently workout for 2 hours 6 days a week, not because I am forcing myself, but because I love to lift weights. I am not sure my mental health could handle not working out at all but I would be willing to take it down a notch to an hour of training and see if that helps improve anything. I really appreciate your quick response. I was really really worried yesterday when my temp dropped all the way to 93.1. I have only been tracking my temp for 3 days now but that was the lowest and I felt the worst. I am looking forward to fixing my metabolism but I am also so scared of the process since I have struggled with my body image for my entire life.