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Hello Hannah!You sound so much like me? a “your story is my story” way. I second blurg’s suggestion about reading The Real Amy’s input hereI would try not to ruminate too much about the temps. In fact..I find that many people’s?and my own temp tends to be lower in general..than many people’s “normal” temp?but you should not stress about achieving a certain temp..It sounds as if you are on the right track for yourself and listening to your innate cues. I also have trouble determining the “right” amount of carbs for my body?but when you let yourself “succumb” to the callings of certain, formerly forbidden carbs (e.g. crackers, breads, pretzels,tortilla chips) you should heed and honor these cravings. Previously “Paleo” myself?i simply know that, eventually, these things simply “call”?and one should not beat oneself up inwardly for desiring “forbidden fruits”?When one lets go of the “forbidders”..they eventually become less beckoning. Good on you and keep up the keen self-observation and good work!