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Thanks for the feedback guys! I have been going through the forums as much as I can and picking up advice and wisdom:) I will be sure to notice Real Amy’s posts. I probably do need to relax about the temps and just realize that I’m feeling better. Perfectionist here, so I get kind of wrapped up in the numbers on the thermometer, which I remember Matt warning about. Glutwin, you are entirely correct about the forbidden fruits loosing their draw. Before I could not stop thinking about cookies and brownies (which sit in front of me all day at work), and now I really could care less about them. And when I do occasionally want one, I just have one and it’s not a big deal!
I appreciate the support. I’m going to continue onward! But maybe try to incorporate some more nutrient dense foods in as well, which I really have not been doing since I started a month ago.
It’s funny, I used to be so obsessed with eating the perfect diet, and now, if it were not wanting to have a healthy baby soon, I would probably just continue on with this super easy, stress free diet, because I feel just fine! I never would have suspected this.

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