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Reply To: where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year?

Blog Forums Healthy Weight Loss where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year? Reply To: where are those that have stuck w the program for over 1 year?


For the doubters:

I have followed Matt’s advice for almost a year, and I have now lost weight. I have lost about 15 pounds since January. I started eating richer foods because I was breastfeeding, and trying to eat “healthily” to lose baby weight had left me with a low metabolism made worse by the breastfeeding.

My appetite has gradually decreased without me restricting anything.Significantly so since weaning my son about a month ago. My temperature is also insane. I have lost my thermometer so can’t quote you, but after a year I just know.

After a month of eating for heat I grew an extra hairline. that’s about 5 inches long now and I have just started a new extra hairline which is about an inch long. I am worried I will end up like chewbacca from star wars.

I gained weight by eating more, about 30 pounds but I have lost half that already. I fit better into the clothes that I started EFH with, even though I weigh about 15 pounds more. Pregnancy added about 30 pounds total, which didn’t budge, so my weight now is 45 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I don’t expect or want to lose all of that, but I think up to another 30 is possible. I have started to ignore weight or size and just look at the fit of my clothes. Also, whilst standing on a chair recently my partner groped my bottom and said “are you clenching your bum muscles” but I wasn’t, so I think that is a good indication that my muscle quality is up.

I will try to post pictures but I’m not sure how to. Any ideas?

My experience is largely to do with my pregnancy and 16 months of breastfeeding so it won’t ring true for everyone, but cutting calories and exercising on top of 500plus calories on breastfeeding (and drinking endless water as per the advice as if it turns straight into milk!!?) equates to a heavily restricted diet.