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This post is a little old, and I’m new here but I thought I’d add my story.

I just had my Mirena removed this morning! I had it for 10 months. I only figured out this week what I believe was causing my teenager-like acne, 25-30 lb weight gain in 10 mo (i’m heavier to begin with, but i’ve always at least maintained my weight), and the biggest issue, the INABILITY to actually LOSE any weight! I didn’t really exercise before and kind of ate whatever. But in January I said enough is enough and starting ‘clean eating’ so to speak. i’m not perfect and had some treats along the way, but surely i should of dropped SOMETHING?! nope, I gained! then i started walking to work and back home at the end of the day (1.4 mi round trip). not only did i not lose any weight, i gained AGAIN! so i doubled my distance…figured i’m just not trying hard enough. I gained even more!!!

I started researching the mirena since i actually didn’t before i got it (which is not like me) but i was supposed to get the copper one, paraguard, but they told me it wasn’t going to be a good fit (once i was already up on the table, legs open, speculum in, cervix clamped (OUCH)). so i said, since i’m in this position, might as well put the mirena in!

10 mo later i’m FINALLY figuring out what it did to me! I also forgot to mention, when i first got it, about 3-6 weeks later, I went bat shit crazy, more than normal i guess since i was already on prozac for depression. the doctor told me in no uncertain terms it was NOT mirena and was happy to double my dose of prozac. I have since come off it altogether, weaned myself properly in january and have been doing great since.

after reading the 1000’s of horror stories of mirena and it’s effects, i believe it is an evil little devise for SOME people, me included!

I am VERY much looking forward to ‘life after mirena’ and getting my body/mind/soul back to where it belongs!!!

I can’t wait to start dropping pounds as i continue eating healthy (and increasing my carbs now!!!) and continue my walking routine!

Thanks for listening!