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tennosea – I probably should’ve clarified a little better on what I mean by “unhealthy”. Yes, they appear to eat according to instincts (I can’t be sure since I’m not them), but they still lack a lot of important micronutrients and they drink alcohol often, whereas I enjoy eating vegetables and I don’t drink. Also, some of them have been gaining weight as they have been getting older and keeping a less active lifestyle. I’m not saying weight gain is bad. I’m not saying I’M the healthy one. I’m just saying it’s really hard to be around these types of behaviors that conflict with mine to such an extreme. You probably know that, too.
I can guess what the counselor is going to say because I’ve already signed up to see one! Soon enough I’ll be able to tell if I was wrong about them. :)
I’m glad you made that statement about dietitians, though. A couple years ago when I started learning more about nutrition and started struggling more with my habits, I had two occupations in mind: a nurse or a dietitian. Of course, I only developed the passion to be a dietitian because I wanted to know how to “cure” myself, if you will. Cure myself like a degree in nutrition was the magic spell to stop my annoying and disordered eating habits. I just wanted clarity. I still do. I know I’ve been ignorant, naive, and immature about how I’ve gone about my diet; I’m still ignorant, naive, and immature. If I could just let go my fears of calories and macronutrients and all of that then believe me, I would. You probably know how hard it is to “recover” from something like this – it’s not easy and it’s not fun especially when you have to gain weight when you think you’re big enough.
Thank you for your insight – everything you have told me has been a kinda of wake up call for me. I’m sorry if I seem like I’m in denial or anything – I’m certainly not trying to be. I just want to be “healthy” again I suppose.