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When you went hypocaloric at 1200, even when you didn’t consciously restrict carbs, that becomes ketogenic or close to it depending on your activity level and protein intake. So you’ve starved yourself for a couple of months.

That hormonal dysregulation is so common among those who go Paleo or low carb. They’ll never warn you about it. It’s not just low T3, it’s overall hormonal dysfunction. Blood sugar problems could follow due to faulty insulin secretion engineered by cortisol. But the most serious problem is immune dysfunction. Cold hands are thought to be from low T3. But that could be Raynaud’s and generally compromised immunity; if I were you, I’d check my WBCs and Globulin levels. I’ve actually seen some who develop serious immune disorders like hypogammaglobulinemia, lymphocytopenia and neutropenia. In fact, among those who VLC, globulin tends to be under 2.2 or so.

This is the danger of long-term VLCing and hypolcaloric diets. What you see are the exact same phenomenon among people who starve themselves. Immune defenses break down because there isn’t enough glucose to mount mucosal immunity. That’s why you end up with dry eyes, dry mouth, dry colon and constipation. As for amenorrhea, that’s the hormonal dysregulation engineered by leptin, which became deficient. Leptin’s main function is to maintain hormonal and immune homeostasis; the satiety function and its role in obesity is secondary. A leptin deficient state will induce a cascade of hormone dysfunction, some of which are low T3, dysregulated cortisol and insulin secretion, and, if female, male hormones.