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Thanks for the replies. I have now stabilised, it happened shortly after my post. I seem to have found a pattern that is working and I can achieve without too much hassle. My stomach has gone down a bit and I have a bit more zap in me so I have incorporated some exercise back into my day now and will build up slowly. I worked out what I was eating in calories out of curiosity and its about 3,000 including a glass of wine with around 350g carbs, 110g fat (25 ? 30 g sat) and 90g of protein (milk, eggs, meat I don’t count plant based foods). My body now does not want ?junk foods? so I am mixing it up between things like oats, spelt bread (homemade) fruits, starchy veg, rice, dark chocolate, fruit juice etc. If people are interested I can post a couple of days of things I eat. I don’t intend to count calories, I just need to keep an eye on what I am eating more along the lines to check I am eating enough. If I need to eat more than I simply add onto what I have found that works for me.

I have been able to add some more liquids in like a milky coffee, some watered down fruit juice etc without too much problems as well. Looking forward to saying goodbye to this belly though that has been the hardest bit. I have lost the puffiness from other parts of my body as well so looks like the fluid retention is receding.

Regards to the adrenals the signs of fatigue are hard to diagnose as they are similar to other signs you have for other problems. The big give away with AF is aching or sore calf muscles even with a small amount of exercise or walking or simply standing. Another tell tell sign is dark circles under the eyes which is actually more related to stressed kidneys but stressed kidneys means stressed adrenals. Lack of hair on the front of the body is the other major sign. You may have lots of hair on your head on the sides but thin on top. This would be the same with your arms and legs, hair grows on the sides not less on the back and front.

AF is all about too much stimulation, for me it was simply way way to much exercise (cardio) with not enough recovery time and enough calories to compensate.

I am going to focus more now on strength training than cardio with limiting my cardio to just walking and the strength training based on body weight exercises like press-ups etc.

Just as a side note, I have been working with a kinesiologest for years and he keeps telling me that foods are not my problem, I am the problem. So all that excess cardio which has created things like AF and low metabolism meant that I had problems with wheat, dairy, candida (suppressed immune system) Foods are NOT the problem, they are simply triggers. Shame it has taken me 3 years to learn this?..the hard way!