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Most of the high BG problems encountered by those who VLC are cortisol-related. It’s cortisol which will affect insulin secretion. Some of them think it might be physiological insulin resistance which is keeping their FBG high. But that problem could persist after you increase carbs.

And most people who VLC do not have “reactive” hypoglycemia. If they truly have hypoglycemia and it’s confirmed by BG readings, then it’s not reactive. Hypercortisolemia will keep your BG readings high, not low. What most low carbers think of as hypoglycemia is really hormonal dysfunction — heart palpitations, mood dysfunction, racing thoughts, etc. — from going too low on carbs.

If you truly are hypoglycemic and it’s followed by hyperglycemia, then, yes, it could be reactive. You need to rule out other sources of hypoglycemia: glucagon and liver dysfunction.

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