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Here’s the thing – you don’t have to gorge yourself on McDonald’s every day…or at all. Eat for Heat and DR2 are about letting go of crazy restrictions. I’ve let go of all my crazy restrictions on carbs and sugar – but I don’t eat McDonald’s…and I probably never will. I eat what my body craves – and it certainly doesn’t crave genetically modified, deep-fried (in PUFA) chemical-laden “chicken” nuggets.

If I want ice cream, I eat it – but I eat good quality gelato at a local gelato shop or natural ice cream without a bunch of chemicals in it. For breakfast, I used to eat egg whites with sauteed kale – now, I’ll have cereal (Organic Cocoa Krispies, btw) with 2% organic milk or I’ll have smoked salmon with kefir or goat cheese on some Ezekiel bread.

You don’t have to eat a bunch of overly processed junk food every day. If I want a cheeseburger, I have one – from a restaurant that doesn’t feature a drive-thru. I also eat small or normal portion sizes more times per day – when you eat nutrient-dense food, you don’t have to eat giant portions. When I used to eat mostly vegetables and lean proteins, I would have to eat a TON to get full. Now, I eat smaller portions of foods that are denser. (Sidebar – I don’t get bloated anymore. It’s incredible.)

So, if you really want a McFlurry – by all means, go have it…maybe just don’t get a super-sized one and eat every last drop. If it were me, I’d just rather have a scoop or two of really good quality ice cream rather than a giant portion of fake “fro yo.”