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Tennosea – I agree with you about friends who drink and indulge and such. I know that it makes them happy, which can lead to stronger mental health, which is very important to attain. However, I’m not saying I restrict myself from alcohol – I just have no interest in drinking it. I know that I’m more restrictive then they are, which is obviously unhealthy, but I think that my daily variety of foods that I eat compared to theirs is better physically on the body. Not always mentally, though, as they eat the foods they want and are satisfied – unlike my restrictive habits that leave me craving lots of different “unhealthy” foods.
Your take on studying nutrition is an opinion that I only recently adopted. It took a little while for me to understand that “information overload” is probably more detrimental to my mental health more than anything. For the past couple weeks, I’ve just eaten whatever, whenever. No calorie counting like I would’ve normally done. It’s maddening because I sometimes can’t tell if I’m hungry or if I just desire the sensation of eating – my body enjoys that sensation because it’s been lacking the right amount of fuel for so long. It’s also maddening because I know I’ve gained weight in the past couple weeks. I don’t have the most slim abdominal section to start off with, so adding more weight definitely irritates me. I’ve heard some girls with amenorrhea say that they’ve recovered by gaining a few pounds – some 5, some 20. However, I’ve also heard some people say that eating warming foods will help with the problem as well, so weight gain isn’t necessary. What do you think about the whole recovery process? Is weight gain necessary?
I really DO wish I could live a balanced lifestyle. I’ve tried to be balanced, but for some reason, my annoying self screws it up because I don’t always know what “balanced” means. The word sounds so glorious and beautiful: balance. It sounds so healthy.. But when my body craves sugar or unhealthy foods, I can’t accept that I’m trying to give myself “balance”. That’s the thing – I don’t really know what it is or how to achieve it.
I, too, am very technical. I started to become increasingly interested in math, which helped me with counting calories. I never thought it as a chore. So when I first stopped, I had a hard time. I mean, I’m STILL having a hard time. I’m just having trouble with identifying my body’s healthiest and happiest state – something I haven’t felt or seen in quite some time!