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The Real Amy

StephanieMichelle, what’s been shown in the Prozac research is there is often weight loss at the *beginning* (as in the first 6-12 months). The long-term is a whole ‘nother story though, and is usually weight gain as with the other SSRIs. Of course, some people will react differently.

Another woman on here had a 40 lb weight gain from Mirena, so just because it’s not the “average” doesn’t mean it can’t happen. There’s a bell curve for sure.

As someone who has had serious issues resulting from 15 years on the pill (that I was never warned about), I also really wish teens were not pushed on the hormonal stuff. Condoms are a wonderful alternative for teens (along with knowing your body) that also protect against STDs in addition to pregnancy and don’t carry the longterm consequences of the pill. Too many girls on the pill are willing to skip the condom because they know they’re protected against pregnancy. I would argue AIDS is much worse than pregnancy if we’re comparing risks here.