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Thanks for the speedy response! I’ve been doing a lot of those things to support my liver- I’ve Ray Peated for a long time (not had a ton of forward movement though- but eating for heat has finally started things moving a bit). In the last year or so I’m much less dogmatic about the Peat specifics and instead I’ve been following Matt’s approach more just to get enough food in me. But I still go low on PUFA, drink OJ, aim for 100g of protein, etc.
The only thing I’ve been low on lately is broth. I used to drink a ton, but cut back. And I have intolerant type reactions to gelatin.

Despite all this, I still have pains around liver/gallbladder area. Had an ultrasound and there’s nothing there, but the pains persist. (Seems associated with other pains I get in my belly and ovaries too… T3 has helped, but Dr took me off of it. Also could be estrogen related).
In any event, I thought the milk thistle might support my liver and lessen the pains. Also thought the milk thistle would help my liver get rid of estrogen.
Perhaps I’ll try it a little longer and see if the acne persists, and if so, possibly lower the dose. I sometimes feel like I’m the only person who has weird reactions to certain supplements, and I can never figure out how to interpret the reactions.

Thanks again for your thoughts!