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The Real Amy

Sure, it was 3 things that helped: 1) eating enough, 2) eating enough protein in the form of meat, and 3) eating enough salt.

Reactive glycemia was the absolute worst when I relapsed my eating disorder in trying to go vegetarian and not eating enough because I was scared of eating too many carbs when all I was eating was carbs! Luckily I had a nutritionist at that point, and she got me back onto a better track relatively quickly. She explained to me that I was spiking my blood sugar with eating only carbs, and then crashing it because I wasn’t eating enough, and it was a whole roller coaster. The emotional part of changing to a better eating plan was hard, of course. I gained belly weight, I remember. But then things got better.

Once you’re eating enough and eating enough protein and your body isn’t starving, it gets better. I find I need a decent-sized portion (4-8oz) meat or fish pretty much once a day to stay healthy.

When I tried reducing salt, I had a lot of issues with “hypoglycemia” and I realized it must actually have been hyponatremia (lack of sodium). Since I started eating enough salt, my “blood sugar” issues have really gone away. I just salt to taste, nothing crazy.

I drink a lot more than most people here do. I feel awful when I don’t drink enough. So that may be a factor for a lot of people, not for me. But you may have luck with that.

The main key is, feed your body what it needs (i.e., 3 balanced meals/day plus 1-2 snacks on a regular schedule) and it responds pretty well soon enough.

Hope this helps!