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@j-lo, that sounds just like me, it’s just a vicious circle that thankfully I am now starting to de-construct. Trapped air – not wanting to eat much – low metabolism – more stress on the body – worse digestion…

I am so glad to hear that you managed to conquer this with mainly improving your eating.

I have been working a while on noticing my breathing habits, hence the Buteyko, as I too was overbreathing most of the time.

I find light exercise has been working well for me and have realised one of my main stressors is sitting for hours at my desk job. It really messes my breathing up!

So I am now working out what I need to change for the future. I will certainly look at general stress relief, releasing tension and relaxation as another layer to this.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate your advice as somebody who has been there and got through it.