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Quote from the article :

When asked what she would tell people who wished to pursue a true paleolithic diet, Dr. Hoyes laughed harshly before replying. ?You really want to be paleo? Then don’t buy anything from a store. Gather and kill what you need to eat. Wild grasses and tubers, acorns, gophers, crickets- They all provide a lot of nutrition. You’ll spend a lot of energy gathering the stuff, of course, and you’re going to be hungry, but that’ll help you maintain that lean physique you’re after. And hunting down the neighbor’s cats for dinner because you’ve already eaten your way through the local squirrel population will probably give you all the exercise you’ll ever need.

Really ?? And these are the ultimate conclusions from this two-day scientific conference ??

Did you find more information on Richard Wenkel , Karl Fenst , Roddy Collins , Britta Hoyes … belonging to “an international consortium of anthropologists, archaeologists, and molecular biologists ” ??

These are all made up names , and the whole article is meant as one big joke