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You are so close!!!

I feel your frustration through your story. I can’t really say I’ve been there… but I’ve been on the fringe. I was ALWAYS cold as a teenager – I mean, I would curl up in a blanket to watch TV in the summer evenings, when it was 95F in the room (I would always beg my parents to turn the A/C off). If I stopped moving, I got cold. Period.

Since reading E4H, I did two things that made a HUGE difference:
1. Stopped forcing myself to drink so much WATER!
2. Started salting my food to my OWN taste bud’s desire. OMG, I LOVE SALT! I have found there is a limit… but it’s out there. :)
[lucky for me, low blood pressure runs in the family, so salt is a non-issue, there, too]

Those two things – along with a few months of eating what I wanted, when I wanted – raised my temps from 96/97 to consistently 98.5+ (Deg F). I suddenly found I didn’t need to wear slippers in JANUARY, and my feet stayed Toasty. WOW!

Now… I’m focusing on eating GOOD-for-me foods (in all-I-can-eat quantities). Whole fruits, lots of fresh veggies, grass-fed beef, wild salmon, etc. Switching out chips and crackers and using celery, bell pepper and jicama instead really, truly, just makes me HAPPY. Almond butter on jicama slices is DIVINE – and I find it IS easy to stop at just one or two slices… and be satisfied.

If you’re still feeling down and/or depressed (or, Heaven-forbid, unworthy???) – get some sunshine or take some VitD supplements… I’m in Seattle, where depression due to VitD deficiency is a real thing.

You deserve to be happy and healthy! BOTH!
You can do this!