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I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and have taken taking Baby and Me Herb Free and New Chapters. I completely agree about the more you know the more confused you are! For a bit I tried not taking any supplements and tracking my food to see if I was getting in everything and I was except for a one thing and I think I would have needed to eat more potatoes and garbanzo beans, which I did but then I just got sick of trying to manage my diet too much so began to take prenatals to make up for anything I missed.

I eat a pretty “healthy” diet- pastured eggs, grass-fed butter & grass-fed cheese and yogurt, sprouted grains, grass-fed meat, wild salmon, veggies, fruit, sauerkraut, coconut are pretty much eaten daily. But I don’t follow WAPF and so my butter and coconut levels are way lower than they recommend but the way I eat feels good to me and my baby boy is perfectly healthy.

Before I got pregnant I ate a lot to bring back my period and while I don’t think I ate too much vegetable oil I definitely ate sugar, white bread, cookies, etc… got pregnant fast and will be giving birth to a healthy boy in less than 2 weeks! Also, my first trimester I was so nauseous that I just ate crackers, cereal, little bit of cheese and whatever I could stomach.

Another thing, with my first pregnancy I ate a very standard vegetarian diet and I’m sure it included vegetable oil and tons of sugar. I took prenatals and my daughter is more perfect than I could imagine.

Sorry for the long response I just so know how you feel!