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I agree with you, Thomas. I found more health through the debates in the comment sections. I found that re-feeding in large amounts and reducing liquid consumption to be problematic. However, increasing salt, calories and exercise in moderate increments was very helpful. Sleeping more is good, too. I was never here on this forum for weight issues. I had health issues. Mostly digestive. It was because of the comments that I began to see that we are all individuals and what helps one person may be poison to another. I became very cautious and was able to change direction before too much weight gain or additional health problems. Sometimes I wonder if Matt is now less interested in communicating and helping people. Perhaps now it is more about residual income for Matt. I’m sure we’ve all seen/experienced this before. Initial enthusiasms become wearisome but we plow on for whatever reason. I’m glad I found 180 degree health, though. I learned a lot in the beginning, mostly about how to monitor my reactions to food and other physical changes. I check the forums about once a week now to keep up on any current experience/wisdom they might offer. I don’t find any value in Matt’ current newsletters.