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I’m a physiotherapist and Pilates teacher and would agree with avoiding any kind of passive splinting, and especially surgery for this. While there is no easy solution Sometimes it’s necessary to have see a good practitioner for specific exercise training – I sometimes have to use real time ultrasound training as women often can’t feel the muscles at all. Transverse abdominis is the one you want to focus on. This problem is commonly linked with pelvic floor and general soft tissue weakness too.
What ends up happening is because your core is so weak you overuse your calves and butt most commonly to compensate.
Also linked would be zinc, vitamin C and possibly magnesium deficiencies. All these are necessary for good soft tissue healing and muscle function.
Be vigilant with posture. Be kind to yourself and take some time. Easier said than done – as a busy homeschooling mum of 3 I understand. X